Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Story

Seeing him (John), Peter said to Jesus, ‘What about him, Lord?’ Jesus answered, ‘If I want him to stay behind till I come, what does it matter to you? You are to follow me.’

The Risen Jesus has appeared to the disciples and has just eaten breakfast with them.  Peter has just been given his great commission; "feed my lambs... take care of my lambs... feed my sheep". Peter then asks Jesus what are His plans for John, the Beloved Disciple?  Jesus answers that John's story is John's story, he (Peter) is to focus on his own story which is to follow Him (Jesus).

I often find myself second-guessing people's faith journeys.  This invariably ends up with me judging them.  In today's verse from John's Gospel Jesus is telling  me to stop doing this. Their story is between them and Jesus, not me.  My duty is to know what my mission is and to carry it out faithfully, starting today...

Forgive me Lord for the times I have judged my brothers and sisters in faith. Holy Spirit, empower me with a clear sense of the mission Jesus has given me and the courage to undertake it.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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