Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Mission

But life to me is not a thing to waste words on, provided that when I finish my race I have carried out the mission the Lord Jesus gave me – and that was to bear witness to the Good News of God’s grace.

Paul is about to return to Jerusalem and is fare-welling the Ephesian church.  He knows persecution awaits him and that he will never see them again. Paul reminds them of all he has told them about the saving grace of Jesus.

Paul had a clear conscience.  He knew he had completed the mission that Jesus had set for him at Ephasis. What is my mission?  Have I started it yet alone completed it?  Paul knew what to do as "the Holy Spirit, in town after town, has made it clear enough..." Acts 20:23. He was finely tuned to hearing what the Holy Spirit was saying to him.  The only way I am to know the mission Jesus has set for me is to do likewise.

Holy Spirit, rise up within me and give me guidance and direction.  Reveal to me the mission Jesus has set for me that I may be an authentic witness to the Good News of God's grace.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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