Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He is Risen! he (God) is telling everyone everywhere that they must repent, because he has fixed a day when the whole world will be judged, and judged in righteousness, and he has appointed a man to be the judge. And God has publicly proved this by raising this man from the dead.’
  At this mention of rising from the dead, some of them burst out laughing; others said, ‘We would like to hear you talk about this again.' After that, Paul left them.

Saint Paul is preaching to the Greeks in Athens and has told them their altar "To an Unknown God" is in fact representing the God he proclaims. Paul is listened to until he describes Jesus rising from the dead.  At that point the Greeks are divided; some laugh and scoff, some want to hear more.

Little has changed in two thousand years.  In New Zealand today we have altars to all manner of Gods, some religious, some worldly.  Whatever I want to worship I can find others who would worship with me; from worshipping myself, money, career, possessions or a plethora of Gods. But if I mention Christ crucified and risen from the dead, then the scoffers start.

I met a Philipino man last night who came to repair a broken air conditioner in my hotel room.  We got talking and quickly found we were both Catholic.  The conversation changed as we started talking about things of God, our families, our faith.  We had an affinity, a brotherhood that was refreshing to find in a chance encounter.  Thinking about it afterwards, what I found uplifting was that I could talk about my faith freely without needing to be defensive.  There was no underlying scoffing.

Where's this all leading me?  Like Saint Paul, I think I am still called to proclaim my Risen Lord, despite the scoffers.  Some will want to hear more.  Meanwhile, God will send angels to refresh me, like my Philipino friend.  Lord, set up those encounters today...

Lord Jesus, you are my living God present with me today.  Give me courage to speak of Your resurrection, especially in this Easter season.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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