Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Story is My Story

Peter turned and saw the disciple Jesus loved (John) following them… Seeing him, Peter said to Jesus, ‘What about him, Lord?’ Jesus answered, ‘If I want him to stay behind till I come, what does it matter to you? You are to follow me.’

The resurrected Jesus is walking with His disciples by the Sea of Tiberias when this conversation takes place.  It is almost a casual setting.  They have just finished the breakfast Jesus had prepared for them and are now strolling along the lake shore. 

The conversation establishes for Peter who is; one forgiven and the one authorised to lead the fledgling church.  But Peter starts straying outside what he needs to know.  John’s story is John’s story.  Peter’s story is his story and the only one he need concern himself about.  “…what does it matter to you?  You are to follow me” says Jesus.

How often do I stray outside what I need to know?  It’s always tempting to second-guess the Lord’s plans for other people.  This quickly degenerates into judgement.  Their story is their story.  My story is my story and the one I need to concern myself with… and my story is one about following Jesus.  How am I going to do that today?

Lord Jesus, forgive me for the times I concern myself about other people’s story when it’s not my business.  Lord, today I focus my eyes on You.

Little Flower, please pray for me.

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