Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before/After Time

Do not behave in the way that you liked to before you learnt the truth; make a habit of obedience: be holy in all you do, since it is the Holy One who has called you, and scripture says: Be holy, for I am holy.

The apostle Peter is writing to early churches made of converts from paganism.  The churches are suffering times of trial and Peter is encouraging them to have fortitude under persecution.

I am a convert and I still recognise a before/after divide in my life.  My children identify it as Dad BC (before Christ) and Dad AD.  This divide identifies the time of grace in my life, the time when Jesus tackled me to the ground as I was trying to run away from Him and then poured His undeserved favour into me.

It’s good to remember the before/after time in my story when I start drifting back into my BC behaviour.  It reminds me to be thankful and then to move on, being Holy as the Lord my God is holy.

Thank you Jesus for your underserved favour with which you continue to drench me.  I recommit myself to You.

Little Flower, please pray for me.

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