Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the World but not of it

I am not asking you to remove them from the world, but to protect them from the evil one.

Jesus continues His Priestly Prayer for His disciples at the Last Supper.  He is praying not only for those in the room with Him but for all the Church.  He’s praying for me.  I am in the world, which is where Jesus wants me, but I am not of it.  How? …because I am protected from the evil one.

This “other worldliness” of believers creates a tension.  I don’t want to be so heavenly minded that I am no earthly good.  Jesus wants me in the world to be His witness.  That means I have to live amongst brokenness, sin and yes, temptations.  But I don’t have to go with the worldly flow; in fact I have to go against it.  As Jesus says, this results in the world hating me. 

But I have the antidote to the world’s hate… God’s love.   This is what protects me from the snares of the evil one.  God’s love defines who I am, not the world.  I am a beloved son, a son of the King and that makes me a prince.

Thank you Lord for protecting me with your love.  Let my witness as a beloved son draw others to You.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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