Saturday, September 3, 2011

Law of Love

And he said to them, ‘The Son of Man is master of the sabbath.’

Jesus has just answered the pharisee's complaint that His disciples are doing "work" on the sabbath by eating corn while walking through a cornfield.  He reminds them of the precedent set by King David when he and his followers ate consecrated bread.  Jesus doesn't dismiss the law, He shows a higher law that over-arches all others and which they must meet.

For many years it has been an understanding in our family that we don't work on Sundays.  My children have stuck to this, even loosing jobs because of it.  My wife turns away work because of it.  However, when I get a Sunday call out to locate an emergency distress beacon (part of my work responsibilities), I go.  There is a higher law at play here.  Lives could be in danger if I don't respond.  There is an order to this that in noway contradicts our family "law" of no work on Sundays.  It is a higher law of love.

Jesus shows the "right order" in His answer to the Pharisees.  His law of love supports and transcends all other laws.  If His love is not in sympathy with a law then it is a bad law.  May I always recognise His love in the laws I follow.

Lord Jesus, Your law of love is supreme.  Help me always follow Your love rather than the laws of power, manipulation and control that I tend towards.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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