Friday, July 29, 2011

Defining Laws

“These are the solemn festivals of the Lord to which you are to summon the children of Israel, sacred assemblies for the purpose of offering burnt offerings, holocausts, oblations, sacrifices and libations to the Lord, according to the ritual of each day.”

Moses has just outlined in detail the solemn festivals and feasts the Israelites are to follow, as dictated to him by God. 

Leviticus is another of those "why did God bother?" books of the Old Testament.  Pages upon pages of what appear to be nit-picking rules and regulations.  However, when I place myself in amongst the children of Israel at that time, I get another picture.  They were still in the process of escaping from Egypt.  Not only were they undergoing a physical change from Egypt to Canaan , they were also undergoing a character change from salves to free people.  The traditions being given through Moses were going to redefine who they were... chosen people of God. 

The Catholic Church from the outside (and sadly, sometimes from the inside) is seen as a musty old institution full of pointless rules and regulations.  I had that view before I entered the Church.  But now, as a Catholic I see things differently.  The Teachings, liturgies and traditions of the Church define who I am, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I need the Church to help me in my daily walk with the Lord.  Without her I would have wandered off into the wilderness long ago.  Today I have a new appreciation of the treasures the Church holds for me, a child of God heading for the promised land.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the Church You established so long ago, knowing I would need her so much today.
Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for me.

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