Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bread of Angels

He rained down manna for their food, and gave them bread from heaven.  Mere men ate the bread of angels.

Psalm 78 is in response to the first reading from Exodus 16 where the the complaining Israelites are given manna and quail to eat in the desert.  The psalm recounts the wonders of God as He watched over His chosen people and led them to the land He promised. Eventually the people started complaining even about this "bread of angels".

The term "Bread of Angels" immediately has me thinking of Holy Eucharist.  I am convicted this morning about the casual attitude I often have towards this superlative gift from Jesus in the form of bread... His very body.  Today I, a mere man, need to go to Mass and eat the Bread of Angels.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the most precious gift You give me in Holy Eucharist.  Indeed I am offered the Bread of Angels.  It is the source and summit of my life.  It is You...
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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