Wednesday, May 2, 2012

God Revealed

Jesus declared publicly: ‘Whoever believes in me believes not in me but in the one who sent me, and whoever sees me, sees the one who sent me.

Jesus is recorded in John's Gospel very clearly stating by whose authority He speaks.  To know Jesus is to know God the Father.

Jesus' divinity continues to be the great stumbling block for many.  Even other religions acknowledge that Jesus existed, that He was a good man who spoke good things, a prophet even.  But God?

My own conversion story was stuck on this obstacle for years.  My first stumbling prayers started with; "Jesus, if You are God...".  Once I came to accept Jesus as Lord and God it was like a great light had turned on in my life.  The huge stumbling block was revealed as the pebble it really was and I stepped over it.  This faith in Jesus is a great gift that not all receive. I am so grateful I have it... today.

Lord Jesus, I join Saint Thomas and proclaim You are my Lord and my God.  Help me be a faithful witness to You today, that others may believe.
Saint Thomas, please pray for me.

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