Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother Church, brothers, must select from among yourselves seven men of good reputation, filled with the Spirit and with wisdom; we will hand over this duty to them...

"The Twelve" have become overworked in the rapidly growing early church.  To alleviate this problem they appoint seven others to help them with allocated duties.  The ordained structure of the the Church is established.

I'm presently staying at Holy Cross Seminary in Auckland.  Today, two courageous young men are being ordained into priesthood at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, so this reading from Acts takes on special significance. The  structure of the Catholic Church has survived for two thousand years, baring testimony that it is inspired and supported by God.  Accordingly, there is a unique blessing that comes with moving under that authority, for laity as well as ordained.  Being a convert, I am very conscious of the blessing that comes with saying yes to the teachings, traditions and authority of Holy Mother Church.

Lord Jesus, You are Head of the Church You founded, of the Church I readily say yes to.  Thank you for the gift Your Church is for me.
Little Flower, please pray for me (and Rebekah).

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Anonymous said...

A very inspiring ramble. (Can we plz go on our date soon cuz rio is soon going out of the cinemas and i really want to go to see it when its in cinemas and it soon will be out of the cinemas! )
Luv u