Thursday, January 6, 2011

Come Holy Spirit

Jesus, with the power of the Spirit in him, returned to Galilee; and his reputation spread throughout the countryside. He taught in their synagogues and everyone praised him.

Jesus has been baptised by John the Baptist and just returned from forty days wrestling with Satan in the desert.  He was led into the desert "full of the Holy Spirit" Lk.4:1 and came out of the desert "with the power of the Spirit in him" Lk.4:14. From the time of His baptism the point of difference for Jesus was the Holy Spirit actively and powerfully working in Him.

The same Holy Spirit has been given to me in my baptism.  The same Holy Spirit is in me today.  He is my point of difference... today.

Come Holy Spirit, fall afresh on me.  Fill me with Your power, satisfy my need.  Only You can make me whole.  Give me strength and make me grow.  Come Holy Spirit, fall afresh on me.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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