Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Little Light of Mine

Wednesday 16th April 2008 - Fourth Week of Eastertide.

I, the light, have come into the world, so that whoever believes in me need not stay in the dark any more.

It is just prior to the Last Supper and Jesus, knowing what is about to come, is speaking plainly about who He is and why He has come.

Recently I was woken during the night by a noise outside. Going out to investigate, the security light over our porch came on, triggered by my movement. The light showed up a group of youths out on the street vandalising a street sign. The light caused them to scurry off to a parked car which then raced off with a roar and screeching of tires.
It struck me how the simple act of one light bulb turning on caused four or so youths engaged in destruction to run away. Evil loves darkness and hates the light.
The world which seems to love darkness, desperately needs the Light of Christ shone into it. I may be just one little light bulb, but when the light of Jesus shines through me evil hoards flee in dismay.

Lord Jesus, let Your light shine through me today into the lives of the people I meet.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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