Friday, November 18, 2011

Re-dedicate the Temple

Jesus went into the Temple and began driving out those who were selling. ‘According to scripture,’ he said ‘my house will be a house of prayer. But you have turned it into a robbers’ den.’

Today's first reading and the Gospel are both about reclaiming for God the Temple at Jerusalem. In the first reading it is the Maccabees, Judas and his brothers.  In the Gospel we see Jesus driving out the moneylenders and sellers.  On both occasions the problem and the solution are the same:  the temple had been usurped from its original purpose so the usurpers were expelled and the temple re-dedicated. 

When I think of my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit I recognise there are times when it has been usurped.  The demons of the flesh occupy my body as though they belong there.  The solution remains the same; expel the usurpers and rededicate the temple.

Holy Spirit of God, I rededicate myself to You.  My Body is a temple for You and You alone.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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