Friday, October 29, 2010

Love Knowledge Wisdom

My prayer is that your love for each other may increase more and more and never stop improving your knowledge and deepening your perception so that you can always recognise what is best. This will help you to become pure and blameless...

Saint Paul is writing a letter of encouragement to the Church of Phillipi, a church that has been true to the message he first gave them.  He encourages them on in their Christian walk with doctrinal teaching.  From the start Saint Paul calls them to deeper love, knowledge and perception (wisdom).  Why? to becoming pure and blameless on the day of Christ's return.

Knowledge and perception are usually such fleshly things, full of pride to be avoided or at least used with caution. However, Paul harnesses them with love and then encourages us to use them willingly.  Motivated by love, knowledge and perception will indeed, says Saint Paul, help me become pure and blameless.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the gifts of knowledge and wisdom.  I lay them before you Lord, asking that You imbue them with love before returning them to me.
Saint Paul, please pray for me.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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