Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take the Bread

So he took the morsel and left at once.

It is the Last Supper and Jesus has just indicated who is to betray Him.  Judas takes the piece of bread offered by Jesus and leaves into the night to commit his betrayal.  Even knowing that Judas was His betrayer, Jesus' very last act towards Judas was still to serve him by offering him the piece of bread.

As one who has betrayed Jesus, this is heartening for me.  No sin I commit is a surprise to Jesus.  On the very first day I received Jesus with that sweet rush of love that I will never forget, even then Jesus knew I would betray Him.  Yet He still serves me, still offers me the precious piece of bread that is His body in Holy Communion.  Judas couldn't receive that unconditional love.  Peter could.  Today I pray for the heart of Peter, that as broken as I am I can still let Jesus transform me from sinner into saint.

Lord Jesus, I accept Your unconditional love.  Help me be open to Your transforming power.
Saint Peter the Apostle, please pray for me.

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