Thursday, August 11, 2011


Then the master sent for him. “You wicked servant,” he said “I cancelled all that debt of yours when you appealed to me. Were you not bound, then, to have pity on your fellow servant just as I had pity on you?”

Peter has just asked Jesus how many times he should forgive his brother and feeling generous offers the suggested number of seven.   Jesus blows Peter's concept of magnanimity away by multiplying  the number by seventy-seven, a seemingly impossible number of times.  To underscore the importance of His new way of looking at forgiveness, Jesus then tells the parable of the unforgiving servant.

Over the years I have forgiven people of small and great offenses against me. Despite knowing that this only what is expected from a follower of Jesus, I still feel a little self righteous when I do it.  Satan still tries to rob forgiveness of its power to deliver.  True forgiveness involves a conscious giving up of any rights I may think I have, recognising that my indebtedness overshadows anything I may have forgiven another.  Today I recall with gratitude the forgiveness I have received from God.  It will change the way I view the supposed indebtedness of others to me.

Lord Jesus, thank you that despite my sins contributing to the nails that held you to the cross, You have forgiven me.  Give me a spirit of gratitude today that will change my view of my brothers.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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