Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Part of the Plan

Among the reeds she noticed the basket, and she sent her maid to fetch it. She opened it and looked, and saw a baby boy, crying; and she was sorry for him.

Pharaoh's daughter has found the basket holding Moses amongst the reeds in the river. Her compassion for the the crying baby moves her to save him and in so doing sets in motion events that would culminate in the birth of Jesus and the salvation of the world.

A diverse range of women are involved in this history-making drama, from slave girl to princess. The courage of Moses' sister Miriam, the desperation of Moses' mother, the compassion of Pharaoh's daughter all played their role in God's plan. If either one of them had not been so moved, Moses would have died and God's plan would have been thwarted.

That seems to be the way God works. He entrusts his great vision into the trembling, dirty hands of mere common clay like me. Look at the eleven disciples that made up the core of the Church when Jesus died. They were trembling, confused betrayers hiding in an upper room. Yet into their tremulous hands Jesus entrusted His Church and mission to preach to the ends of the earth.

This gives me hope. Despite my many imperfections, God can still use me for great things in his Kingdom.

Lord Jesus, give me the motivation of Moses' mother, the courage of Miriam and the compassion of Pharoah's daughter to be part of your glorious work today.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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