Thursday, September 17, 2015

Forgiven Much Love Much

They were unable to pay, so he pardoned them both. Which of them will love him more?’ ‘The one who was pardoned more, I suppose’ answered Simon. Jesus said, ‘You are right.’

Jesus is a guest at a Pharisee's house when he is adored by the ministration of a woman of "bad name". Jesus confronts the indignation of the Pharisee with a parable about forgiveness where the one forgiven the greater debt shows greater love.

A friend and I were discussing how for many of our Cradle-Catholic friends the concept of a personal relationship with Jesus was foreign. These people are more confident speaking of "The Faith" than they are of Jesus as a friend. My friend and I are both converts to Catholicism. In a way we have the advantage of having a more acute understanding of what we have been forgiven. We can remember the stench of the mud from which we have been rescued.

There is a danger for me to forget the great debt I have been forgiven and my love for Jesus becoming lukewarm.

 Lord Jesus, you saw the gold when I was in the miry clay. You see a saint within  sinful me. Thank you Lord.
Saint Augustine, pray for me.

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