Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do Good

Pain and suffering will come to every human being who employs himself in evil – Jews first, but Greeks as well; renown, honour and peace will come to everyone who does good – Jews first, but Greeks as well. God has no favourites.

Saint Paul is writing about what each type of life can expect on judgement day.  There is a universal law that even God will not interfere with, the law of the harvest.  Put simply, we reap what we sow.

Whenever I choose to sin I am aware of a certain mind-game I play.  The devil in me says, "No one will know and no one will care".  Of course, the exact opposite is true.  Everyone will know when the book of my life is opened and God cares.  When I keep this big picture in mind the perceived gain of the sin is eclipsed by its huge cost... my eternal destiny.  Today I choose to do good even if no one notices... because God does.

Lord Jesus.  You have no favourites.  You love me no less than the greatest saint.  Help me choose what is right today that I may have renown, honour and peace with You in heaven.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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