Thursday, February 12, 2015

Solution to the Problem

‘This at last is bone from my bones, and flesh from my flesh! This is to be called woman, for this was taken from man.’

God gives Adam the task of naming all the creatures in the Garden of Eden. In the process Adam realises how unique he is and how alone he is. God comes up with the most beautiful solution to Adam's loneliness; sex.

The gift of Eve was the most creative solution to Adam's loneliness. Adam immediately recognised Eve as the gift she was. He liked what he saw: "Bone of my bones, flesh from my flesh". It was from the first a very physical attraction.

I keep being reminded that sex is God's idea, not the Devils. As such, sex is blessed, is a good thing but only when engaged in the way God intended. How was this? The husband and the wife becoming one flesh. Every other use of sex is a perversion from the devil who is very good at perverting things of God.

So today I kick the devil off his pulpit where he preaches perversion of the gift of sex and I turn instead to listen to God's beautiful plan of sexuality which has no shame.

Thank you Father for the gift of sex, for the gift of marriage. I turn from perversion of this gift and receive my wife with no shame.
Little Flower, please pray for me

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