Saturday, July 19, 2014


You do see, for you behold misery and sorrow, 
taking them in your hands. 
On you the unfortunate man depends; 
of the fatherless you are the helper.
Ps. 10:14

The Psalmist laments on the apparent victory of evil doers but finishes by a statement of faith; On God we depend.  He helps the fatherless.

Yesterday I attended the Requiem of a good man who died after a year long battle with cancer. He leaves a widow and seven children. I was helped to see this apparent tragedy in the right way by the beauty of the Requiem Mass.

The Church puts on Her most beautiful face at a Nuptial Mass and at Requiems. Yesterday She was radiant. Death lost its sting as we were led to lift or eyes from the casket to the horizon of heaven. I was given hope for my own immortality and left the service feeling so glad I am a Catholic.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of Your Church. I recommend the soul of Peter to Your mercy.
Little Flower, please pray for us.

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