Saturday, August 3, 2013

Go to Jesus

The head was brought in on a dish and given to the girl who took it to her mother. John’s disciples came and took the body and buried it; then they went off to tell Jesus.

King Herod has John the Baptist beheaded as a birthday treat to his stepdaughter.  John's disciples take care of the body's remains and then go to Jesus with the terrible news about His cousin.

Matthew chapter fourteen covers what must have been the busiest and emotionally draining twenty-four hours of Jesus' life so far.  His cousin is beheaded, He is mobbed by crowds bringing Him their sick, He feeds the five thousand and rescues the disciples out on the lake by walking on water.

The day starts with Jesus hearing the news of John's beheading  from John's distraught disciples.  The first thing they do after burying John's body is go to Jesus.

This reminds me of a tragedy that happened in our parish some years ago,  A teenage boy from one of our catholic families had committed suicide.  On learning the news we gathered at the family's home and wept with them.  Then, out of the grief a man said "lets pray".  A peace settled on us and helped us cope with next few days.

Jesus is never too busy for me.  Just as He was moved with compassion for the crowds who followed Him while He was trying to be alone after learning of John's death, He has compassion for me.  He has time for me.  He has love for me...

Thank you Jesus for always being there for me.  You are my anchor in the storm.
Little Flower please pray for me.

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