Monday, March 14, 2011

Heaven and Hell

Come, you whom my Father has blessed, take for your heritage the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world...
Go away from me, with your curse upon you, to the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels...
And they will go away to eternal punishment, and the virtuous to eternal life.

Jesus has just told the parable of the ten virgins and the parable of the talents, both focusing on what is to happen at the end of time. He now becomes more specific, shifting from parable to prophesy. "When the Son of Man comes in his glory..." Mt. 25:31. Jesus clearly states there are two possible destinations for us when He returns, a place of eternal punishment or a place of eternal reward; hell or heaven.

My daughter told me yesterday of a teacher at her school who said there is no hell.  She knew enough in her spirit to know this isn't true and a "teachable" moment followed in our discussion.  However, it raises the malady that has infiltrated even the Church.  It's danger lies in the logic that follows it; No hell?  Then I don't need saving from anything, so I don't need a Savior.  Jesus becomes minimised into a nice man who said nice things. His divine salvic mission is eradicated.

The truth is there is heaven, there is hell and I need Jesus to get me to the former and save from the latter.

Lord Jesus.   Thank you that you do offer me eternal reward and You do save me from eternal punishment.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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