Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Two Ways

7th February 2008

I set before you life or death, blessing or curse. Choose life...
Dt 30:19
When a man knows his days on earth are drawing to a close he doesn't waste his words. His instructions to those he loves are concise and to the point. Such is the case in the last discourse of Moses to the Israelites just before they enter the Promised Land. Only a fool would not take heed of a prophet's last words.

God, though Moses, is sharpening my focus on what life is essentially about; life or death, blessing or curse. These two contrary ways are constantly before me. Just because I chose life yesterday doesn't mean it will automatically follow today. It's a daily, hourly, minute by minute choice in the back ground of every decision I make, large or small.

Choosing life is often sacrificial, but as Jesus says, "What gain then, is it for a man to have won the whole world and to have lost or ruined his very self?" Today, I choose life.

Holy Spirit, help me choose life and blessing today.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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