Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Power of Humility

Wednesday 13th February 2008

The crowds got even bigger and Jesus addressed them, "This is a wicked generation; it is asking for a sign".
LK. 11:29

As the crowds got bigger their mood changes. Other gospels record them demanding signs from Jesus to prove His authority. Jesus is no performing monkey and He tells them so.

This reminds me of the early days of my conversion. I demanded signs before I would accept Jesus as Lord, echoing Satan's taunt in the desert, "If you are the Son of God...".
Jesus revealed Himself to me and my conversion came once I admitted my brokenness and great need of His mercy and forgiveness. The demand for signs came from pride, the cry for forgiveness came from humility and this caused God's hand to move in my life. Jesus always responds to the humble, it's in His nature.
How's my humility these days? How worn are my knees from supplication?

My sacrifice, a contrite spirit. A humbled contrite spirit you will not spurn.

Little Flower, please pray for me.

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