Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Just Judge

Those who did good will rise again to life; and those who did evil, to condemnation. I can do nothing by myself; I can only judge as I am told to judge, and my judging is just.

Jesus has just healed the invalid at the pool of Bethesda and is answering the criticism of the Pharisees. He states he only does the will of the Father, including being judge at the end of time.

There is a fallacy sometimes heard in the Church that everyone is going to heaven, being handed out baskets of kittens as they float blissfully through the pearly gates. Not according to Jesus. There will be judgement, sheep and goats, some to eternal life and others to condemnation.  Our saving grace is that Jesus is the judge, not us ...not me.

There is a little judge in me that is constantly pulling at the leash I have placed around his neck. Sometimes he escapes and I blush at what I hear him saying about others. I call judgement on myself when this happens. I choose again to leave all judgement up to Jesus. He alone knows all the facts.

Lord Jesus, you are the just judge. Have mercy on me a sinner. Help me be an encourager, not a judge of others today.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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