Saturday, July 18, 2015

He Rescued Me

The night, when the Lord kept vigil to bring them out of the land of Egypt, must be kept as a vigil in honour of the Lord for all their generations.

A estimated three million Israelites have fled the slavery of Egypt. It is written into the very soul of the Hebrew people that God rescued them and they are never to forget it.

God is in the business of rescuing people. He did it dramatically for the sons of Israel. He did it dramatically for all mankind through Jesus.  He did it dramatically for me. What is my "vigil in honour of the Lord" for him rescuing me? This early Saturday morning prayer time is a start I guess.

There's something beautiful about a thankful heart.  People who count their blessings seem to be good people to hang around. They're positive and uplifting. They warm a room when they enter rather than being a "stepmother's breath".  Oh may I be a thankful heart today.

Lord Jesus. I thank you again for rescuing me from the self-centered, tiny world  of me. 

You rescued me, and picked me up
A living hope, of grace revealed
A life transformed, in righteousness
Oh Lord you have rescued me

Forgiving me, You healed my heart
And set me free, from sin and death
You brought me life, You've made me whole
Oh Lord You have rescued me

And You loved me, before I knew You
And You knew me for all time
I've been created in Your image, Oh Lord
And You bought me
And You sought me
Your blood poured out for me
A new creation in Your image, Oh Lord
You rescued me
You rescued me
You rescued me

Geof Bullock

Saint Augustine, pray for me.

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