Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love Triumphs over Judgement

Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac and Israel...
So the LORD relented in the punishment he had threatened to inflict on his people. 

In the absence of Moses, the Hebrews have lost faith in God and made themselves a golden calf to worship.  God's anger blazes up, threatening to exterminate the rebellious people. However, Moses interceeds for his people, God listens and relents.

If ever there was an example of the power of intercession in the Bible, this is it. With God there is love and there is judgement.  They are sides of the same coin.  The judgement of God was about to fall on the rebellious Hebrew people.  But Moses appealed to the other side of God's nature, to His love, and love won out.

I belong to a weekly men's prayer group that meets each Monday morning before work.  If there is one thing that we do it is to intercede in prayer for our brothers in faith, our families and for the Church.  We ask that Gods mercy will triumph over judgement.  This scripture for Exodus is a great encouragement for intercession.  It can move God's hand.

Father in Heaven, thank you for your love as shown in your Son Jesus Christ.  Lord, in His precious name I rely, that your love for me and my household may always triumph over judgement. 

Little Flower, please pray for us.

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