Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gold Beneath the Clay

Observing the boldness of Peter and John
and perceiving them to be uneducated, ordinary men,
the leaders, elders, and scribes were amazed,
Acts 4:13

Peter and John have just performed a very public miracle in the name of Jesus, earning praise and wonder from the people and anger and consternation from the Jewish leaders. The very ordinariness of the disciples was the greatest mystery for them.

Outward appearance can have the greatest impact on how I perceive people. I know this is wrong yet it is my first natural reaction. Jesus saw past Peter and John's common roughness, seeing gold beneath the miry clay. There is a skill in not judging on appearances. I need to hone up on it.

Lord Jesus, I know that the part of me you love is my inner self. Help me see others in the same light.
Little Flower please pray for me.

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