Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Jesus began to reproach the towns in which most of his miracles had been worked, because they refused to repent.

Jesus denounces the towns where He has just performed miracles.  The power of God has been displayed in their midst but the people do not respond by repenting of their evil ways.

If ever there was answer to the question why God doesn't perform miracles all the time, this is it.  Miracles don't guarantee faith.  After the feeding of the five thousand, people clamored after Jesus, not to repent and turn to God but fore more bread.  The same would be true today.  Human nature has not changed.  A side-show Jesus would get the TV coverage but would not convert hearts.

There's is something in me that wants a side-show Jesus.  I'm a bit like James and John, the Sons of Thunder.  I want Jesus to pour down fire and brimstone on the brothels in my town, to smash into powder every liquor shop and bar poisoning our youth with cheap booze, to miraculously heal every child in the hospital's cancer ward.  But this would not convert my city, my nation.  And conversion of hearts is the more important thing.  All the evils of this world, even illness I believe, would disappear when the people convert in their hearts and turn back to God.  This is an inside-out thing and it can start with me, today...

Lord Jesus, forgive me for expecting You to perform for me.  Help me repent and change my heart back to You.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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