Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It was of you hypocrites that Isaiah so rightly prophesied in this passage of scripture:

This people honours me only with lip-service, while their hearts are far from me. 
The worship they offer me is worthless, the doctrines they teach are only human regulations.

The Pharisees have complained to Jesus that His disciples eat without washing their hands.  Jesus replies by identifying their hypocrisy, their main block to worthy worship and intimacy with God.

To have a heart close to Jesus is what I wish for.  Jesus desires to be close to me, so intimacy with Him is entirely up to me.   It is my hypocrisy, my lip-service that distances us. 

Lip-service comes naturally to me.  It usually involves self engrandisement.  This in turn comes from an insecurity, an anxiety in me to be liked.  The antidote is to take my focus off me and place it on to Jesus.  His unrestricted love dissolves all my need to strive for love.  I can do this any time, any place, even now...

Lord Jesus, forgive me of my lip-service.  Draw me to Your heart so I may bask in Your love today.
Little Flower, please pray for me.

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