Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heal and Preach

26th January 2008

Cure those in it who are sick, and say, “The kingdom of God is very near to you”.
Lk. 10:9

Jesus is commissioning the seventy-two before they went out ahead of Him to all the places He was about to visit. He explains the situation (much work but few to do it), the dangers (lambs among wolves), equipment required (nothing!), what to bring (peace), how to live (off others) and finally, what to do (heal and preach the Gospel).

Jesus pared things down to the absolute basic essentials, ...and changed the world! My "market research" over-preparation style often stops me from doing anything as the "getting ready" exhausts me before I get on the road. Preparing the way for Jesus by the seventy-two seemed truly radical (i.e. back to simple basics) - heal and preach. The plan leaves everything to God and little to me. This is scary for me the control-freak!

Maybe today my plan could be to simply, "heal and preach"?

Lord Jesus; Send me Your Spirit to equip me to go before You, today.

Little Flower, please pray for me.

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