Friday, August 14, 2015

One Flesh

He answered, ‘Have you not read that the creator from the beginning made them male and female and that he said: This is why a man must leave father and mother, and cling to his wife, and the two become one body? They are no longer two, therefore, but one body. So then, what God has united, man must not divide.’

The Pharisees are trying to trick Jesus on the age-old question of divorce. Jesus' answer lays the foundation for marriage that is quoted in marriage ceremonies to this day, "what God has united, man must not divide".

There is confusion about marriage today only when God is taken out of the picture.  A marriage is a permanent commitment between a man and a woman, open to life, because God designed it so. Sex is God's idea, not the Devil's, and marriage is his plan to control it and employ it for its proper purpose.  Jesus even goes further to say celibacy is an accepted legitimate response to sexuality.

My marriage is a blessing from God. Today seems a good day to celebrate that.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of marriage in general and the gift of my marriage in particular. Bless Kate and I that we my let our sacrament shine. 
Saint Thomas Moore, pray for us.

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