Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shortness of Life

Make us know the shortness of our life
  that we may gain wisdom of heart.

Psalm 89 is a sub-titled "The Prayer of Moses". Here Moses turns away from the clamour and seduction of the world and refocuses God, the creator of all things.

I imagine Moses out in the desert on a cold night all by himself, looking up at the stars and encountering God. I've experienced that and it's in those moments that I feel very small and God seems very big. It's all about perspective.

In the past week we've received worrying news of a nephew in London who has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. He is a young man in his early thirties and the idea he is staring at his own mortality is shocking. Today's Psalm from Moses has something to say about this. It's seems that knowing our mortality is a source of wisdom. It put things in right perspective. God is God and I am the dust of His creation. 

Dust yes, but dust formed in love. When I accept this true state of things it gives me peace. All is well with my soul...

Thank you Father for giving me life and ensuring its fullness by sending Your Son. 
Little Flower, who stared at your own mortality at such a tender age, pray for us.

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